Welcome note from the Mayor of Banjul



On behalf of the PEOPLE OF Banjul and Banjul City Council, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website. It is designed to help us better communicate with you – the city’s residents, businesses and visitors.

It is also intended to make it easier for you to find essential information on our services, activities and development programs and innovations, as well as regular news updates and allow you to keep guiding us through this medium because we welcome your comments, advice and suggestions.

I am honored to be elected Mayor of Banjul. I am thankful for the opportunity to lead us on this journey as together we transform Banjul and make it achieve its full potential.


Mayores Lowe: Irregular Migration 

Today, Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe together with her team and the people of Banjul had a marathon meeting with Her Excellency Vice President of the Republic of The Gambia- Dr. Isatou Touray with the Hon. Minister of Basic & Secondary Education, Hon. Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Minister of Youths and Sports, DPS. Ministry of Interior, DPS. Office of the Vice President, DPS. Ministry of Agriculture on peace and peaceful coexistence and irregular migration funded by IOM_The Gambia. The discussion was centered on: Return and reintegration of The Gambian migrants and the need for peaceful coexistence. Opportunities in agriculture for curbing irregular migration and facilitating smooth integration of The Gambian returnees, Education and skills acquisition a means for fostering peace and peaceful coexistence, Peace building and peaceful coexistence: The role of The Gambian youths, The need for peace and peaceful coexistence: Government's policies and strategies in ushering in peaceful and promoting youth employment. We urge everyone to maintain peace at all times.